The grey winds continue to blow in from the east. Outdoor fun may be restricted but the Traverse at lunchtime provides a welcome distraction. For ‘tis the new season of PPP and we have tickets to see Rachel’s Cousins. Some of the usual comedy of social affectations and quite amusing at that, but laughing at breast cancer is a bit of an uncomfortable experience. Well done though, with a good heart and some great performances.
After, a bit of birthday present shopping before picking up the new club handbooks. Always a high point of the sailing season. May be the only one if the weather cont... (stop!)
Later, out to Harajuku Kitchen - great starters, but slow.... and then to the Cameo to see Distant Sky. Having seen Mr Cave on this tour last year, I did have second thoughts as to the wisdom of watching this. My worries evaporated as quickly as my double dram of Black Bottle. Immense!

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