The Pensioner

By Pensioner

It's a Conspiracy

A sit out in the sunshine awhile with the Sunday papers. And I must have fallen asleep as I dreamt I was on the boat and I found that a single little drip had absolutely flooded out the heads under sink cupboard. And once that was fixed I searched everybloodywhere for my Stanley knife. Nowhere.
Later the wind suddenly and from nowhere kicked up quite wildly. And effin eff, what’s going on at DundeeFC? SPFL statement: "One Ladbrokes Championship club (Dundee) attempted to submit a voting slip(???!!), which did not reach the SPFL until late that evening. Earlier, at 6pm on Friday, that club had confirmed in writing to the SPFL that any attempted vote from that club (???!!!) should not be considered as cast.”
Later Succession Season 2, Episode 9. Lordy it’s good. And even Brian Cox (the one from Dundee, not the sexy physicist) is pretty good. Dundee again. Strangely enough, in the previous episode, his son bought him (Logan Roy, not the real actor) a football team to celebrate 50 years in the business. Hearts. 

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