By iaint


Junior’s ice hockey team took on Cambridge University this afternoon in the playoff (North Division Champions v South Division Champions) for the British Championship Tier 1 title. The game was at Ice Sheffield - neutral venue. 

They won, as the Blip reveals. It was 7-0, which is kind of decisive. 

Junior wore a face cage to protect his mouth from the injury he got on Tuesday. The stitches come out tomorrow anyway. 

The Blip is team captain Tony Selles lifting the trophy. One of the Extras is Chris Tung showing some emotion. Another is the team photo at the end. 

The last Extra is the band of Edinburgh fans (minus me, obviously). There were 6 of us. The goalie’s parents had come over from Cyprus, which makes my 4.5 hours on the train yesterday seem quite feeble.  

The evening was spent in the care of CrossCountry Trains for the 4 hour journey back to Edinburgh. 

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