By flying

A day in the mountains.....

.....calm and bright with a few clouds hugging the mountain tops and just a light dusting of snow. It was idyllic with breathtaking views in all directions, the mountain air was quite refreshing.

This lovely view is of Lake Lyndon, it's not often it's calm and so glad we stopped on our way as when we headed home it was covered in ripples, there was not a reflection to be seen.

Lake Pearson was equally as beautiful with some lovely shades of autumn aligning the waters edge. The drop of the mountains straight into Lake Pearson was amazing with more reflections. 

I've also included the road we were travelling on in my extras. The shot was taken as we were moving with the window down and fresh mountain air blowing in my face, it was invigorating! 

Alas I've had the best day with hubby by my side enjoying the wonders of's just what I needed.

Happy Monday everyone :)

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