The second half of life..

By twigs

Wave Watching

It seems I rather like the pace and space of Otaki........I'm staying another night!  Beautiful day which included some wave watching (mesmerising and immersive), bird shooting (very poor results, but always good to practice), a little shopping for supplies (which accidentally included a pair of shoes too).  

Had a bit of a scare this evening when there was a knock at my door.  Seriously - someone knocking on the door is probably one of the last things I'd expect.  I turned on the outside light and peeked through the window to see a couple of young girls standing there.  I opened up the door gingerly........

"Sorry to disturb you but do you have any minutes on your phone I could use? I've got my car stuck in the sand and can't get out.  I've run out of minutes and I think I need to call my parents......"

Whilst the owner of the car called dad I chatted to her friend - they'd tried to drive it out and push it out but it just got more stuck.  I don't think dad was impressed but at least he agreed to come and help them sort it out. 

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