By Viewpoint

Silver Birch

There’s an amazing clump of old silver birch trees on the road from Castleton to Commondale.  I started with a wide view but gradually focused in on selected parts of the trunk.  I’d like to take them from the other side later in the afternoon as I get a view across the valley.  I just need the right light.

We’ve been as far as Redcar but not as far as South Gare this afternoon as the weather turned cold and horrible.  We managed to get the break light bulb replaces and a stop for a bit of shopping before coming back.  We went for a walk up on the Rigg earlier this morning and the temperatures were much more pleasant.  This is the second day in a row when the middle of the day has felt the coldest.

p.s. I’ve had a change round of images from yesterday.  I’ve now edited the cluster of trees and this new version has more of the `feel’ that attracted me to them in the first place.  My close-up shot is now in as an extra.

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