Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

A Purple Sky

I was out early practicing for my upcoming flying assessment on Wednesday.  I have to reproduce a series of set manoeuvers  in different orientations and they seem designed to catch you out by switching the orientation of the aircraft so that you have to reverse your stick movements to get it to fly in the right direction.

It was only after a while I realised that the sky was taking on this purple hue, probably because of the low level cloud only partly obscuring the high cirrus clouds and sky which I could just see were that delicious mix of blue and pink.  Nothing spectacular as far as the scene is concerned but it was only one of a handful of images I took during the say.

In the afternoon I had the rare opportunity to speak to a RAF squadron leader from RAF Shawbury.  He was their flights safety officer. The test site is within a military helicopter low flying training zone and I thought it as well to ask if there were any concerns from my activity for their operations.  He was appreciative that I got in touch; he said that it was always better to make contact in these circumstances and as a result their operations staff  would be briefed on Wednesday about my flying location and time so that they were aware should there be any need to transit the area.

It felt a little like the tail wagging the dog!

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