Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom


....From a Different Perspective

This is Fang sleeping in the sunshine on the back lawn, a common sight on a sunny day.  I was also lying on the grass with my camera on the ground to get this perspective.  I love the wide angle distortion.  I have titled the first extra "Dogeared".  His floppy ears are often inside out.  The third extra is just so cute, I couldn't resist.  Right after this shot, he licked my lens.  Many thanks to Tryfan46 for hosting MonoMondays this month!

As I was leaving the puppies this afternoon, I got a news flash on my phone that Notre Dame was on fire.  Since I got home I have been watching it on TV with a lump in my throat.  What a heartbreaking, huge loss!  I am grateful that no one has been injured at this point.  I hope that remains true.  

Edit:  I'm such a bad mom, I forgot mention that today is Piper's birthday!  I've been so distracted by the sad events in Paris.  We've been celebrating all day, though, and later we are going out for ice cream, her favorite treat for only very special occasions.  I am grateful that 7 years ago today we adopted our sweet girl in Minnesota and she came home to Colorado with us.  The rescue (Secondhand Hounds) guessed that she was about a year old so she is probably around 8 years old.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIPER!

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