By Veronica

Contemplating colour

The first exercise in the contemplative photography book is to seek out colour. Made trickier by both the natural world and brightly coloured objects being forbidden subjects. I had to go into Lézignan to find inspiration, since residents of traditional villages round here don't go in for bright colours by and large. As soon as you go out of the village you're surrounded by nature, and anything brightly coloured is likely to be a flower. The fact that it was overcast and raining didn't help with inspiration. The clouds didn't detract from this scene though. Alternative in extras (inside the Médiathèque).

I made some Hot Cross Buns, but due to an accident with the piping bag when I was making the crosses, they are not blippable. They taste good though.

Like practically the entire population of France, we spent much of yesterday evening riveted to the TV and news sites watching Notre Dame blazing. So shocking to see the spire falling. A relief to see today that the walls are still standing, and even the rose windows appear mostly undamaged, Rather eery to think that it may not be restored in my lifetime; a mere blink of the eye in the history of the cathedral.

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