By Freyjad


I went into the garden looking to blip something for TT but it was quite breezy so it wasn't really a day for doing outdoor macro, however I did manage to blip some Pieris blossom so that's what I've gone with today.  I don't know whether I've been bitten whilst I was out in the garden or if I've touched some sort of plant and then transferred it to my body.  I wouldn't have expected to be bitten during this cold spell but there your are;  one side of me is covered in itchy welts and I know from past experience that it will take a few days of taking antihistamines  to alleviate it.

My eldest granddaughter has set the date for her wedding - largely governed by when they can book the wedding venue which is July 2021.  At least this will give everyone plenty time to sort out their wedding outfits.

Many thanks for visiting my journal and for the great response to yesterday's MM shot, I'm pleased you liked it.

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