An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bit of a meh day...

After the recent blue skies and sunshine (although still cold) it was a bit of a disappointment to wake up to dull, grey and rainy skies.  Even the painting of the Gin Palace came to halt mid afternoon.  Hmph!

Absolutely nothing exciting to report other than Alan had his six monthly appointment with the gastro consultant this afternoon (I say 6 monthly but due to the hospital cancelling his appointments with no explanation, it's actually almost a year since he's been seen) and she is happy with his progress.  Will be seen again in October more likely next April.

After putting much thought into my meal planning covering all the meals over the next few days when our visitors are here, and into the weekend when Agnes and Adrian will be here, it would appear, having just taken delivery of my Tesco order, that I forgot to take this evening's meal into account!  *rolls eyes*

Fish supper omelette it is then!

Oh, Happy Anniversary to Ele and Kenny.  Thirty-two happy years!  :-)) Must dig out photos of that happy day to archive blip.  Thankfully there aren't many of me in my mint green skirt suit with enormous padded shoulders, patterned silk blouse, white pillbox hat and white pixie boots.  Well it was 1987!!! :-)))

Blip is a great reminder of how cyclical life is.  Last year's blip was Lola (what are the chances eh?!  hahahaha) and on my blip from five years ago I am talking about Billy the painter being here discussing painting the outside of the house and the Gin Palace.  If I had bothered to look at that blip last week when trying to remember the colours we chose for the GP, I would have discovered it was Glade Green on the outside and Cream Tea on the inside.  Oh well, I am just as happy with Fresh Rosemary and country cream! 

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