An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Let the fun begin...


After a long day waiting, my wee pal Anna finally arrived in a flurry of kisses and cuddles, flashing wands, floral headbands, sparkly necklaces, sequinned -shirt and Easer Bunny skirt.  As you do.  :-))

She brought with her her mum and dad and little sister Faith who was sound asleep in her car seat, blissfully unaware that she'd changed venue till she woke up, looked me straight in the eye then promptly burst into tears!  Oh dear!  Hopefully she'll be more settled by tomorrow.

The family were shattered after a very early start flying back from holiday in Devon to have dinner with friends in Paisley then driving up to ours.  

We had a lovely catch up with Anna full of the joys as usual and full of plans at all we will do together over the next couple of days (colouring in, taking photos, playing piano, eating bagels, brushing hair, dancing, painting nails to name a few!) 

Lewa took the kids upstairs to bed (Anna was very impressed by the new double bed in "her" room.  A bed fit for a Princess apparently :-) whilst Sharon and I finished off the bottle of Prosseco we'd shared.  Well, it would have been flat by tomorrow.

In bed by midnight and bracing ourselves for the next few days of whirlwind Anna :-))

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