An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sister and Mum...

I met Fiona and Janice for lunch today and had a lovely catch up with them.

Janice has Lola's brother Ted (from the same litter) and after our lunch, poor Ted was going to the vet to be checked over for an ear infection.  Poor lad.

Although we met for lunch, I didn't get home till 5.30 (well it's lunch time until it turns into tea time ;-) 

I had forgotten that this afternoon Lola was going to the home of R, the dog walker we use twice a week, to meet his two dogs, with the intention that if they got on ok, Lola could home board with R and his family anytime D and I wanted to go away for a couple of nights (sadly they are fully booked in the summer so can't use them when we go on our summer holiday)  Much to our delight Lola got on famously with his two dogs and he said they would love to welcome her whenever the need arose.  

Then this evening David dropped Lola off at our friend Carole's on his way to his singing rehearsal so that Carole could trim her coat and her nails.  Carole is Lola's breeder so not only did Lola get to see Carole, she got to play with her mum Lily and her sister Freya and her Aunt Mia.

Mia is older and after playing for a short time, took herself indoors for a rest but Lily, Freya and Mia played together beautifully.  Carole sent me a short video of the three of them playing and it brought a tear to my eye.  She then sent this photo of them having a wee rest :D  I love those tongues and the fact they are smiling :-)  From the left it's Lola's sister Freya, her mum Lily in the middle and Lola on the right.  

David and Lola are not long home and she looks so beautiful all trimmed and neat.  She's exhausted though.  Hours of play with five dogs plus her morning walk have given her lots to dream about tonight :-)

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