By Teasel

Get On Your Bike

Rather unusually both TT and I travelled together to work on the dames bus this morning.  We thought about going for the train, but we are just so scunnered with them at the moment.  After feeling somewhat overwhelmed at work yesterday, I was on much better form today and managed to make progress with the outstanding actions in my in box.  A tricky phone call over the lunchtime slot meant I was starving by the time it was over.  I rushed out for some fresh air and to pick up some lunch and was impressed by the police presence nearby, preparing for a demonstration.

The afternoon passed quite quickly and by the time I left the office, the police presence had swelled significantly and North Bridge was closed off.

I met TT and we got the bus home together – another unusual happening.  It was so nice to walk in and for food to appear on the table as if by magic!  My mum will have to move in and be our housekeeper.  Later TT had to go an pick BB up from a friend’s house.  It was his friend’s birthday today and they had gone go-karting.  Apparently BB was the most reckless driver.  I’m not sure what that means – but they had a great day.

We've been away and I have lots of back blipping to catch up with, but for today an image from the Extinction Rebellion climate change protest which was underway in the centre of Edinburgh.


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