Pictorial blethers

By blethers


No, Holy Week isn't over: far from it. Our stay here on Cumbrae is, however, over as we return to our home patch for the rest of the week. The photo shows the South College with the spire of the cathedral peeping over on this lovely day as we had a wander in the grounds before rehearsal for our last Evensong.

At Evensong, something that was completely new to us happened. This year marks our 50th birthday as a group - the St Maura Singers, or at least the three of us who were the choir this week, have been singing together for 50 years, and most of that singing has been done here, for services and the occasional concert. As Evensong grew to a close, there was an additional prayer added - for us. It was an incredibly moving moment, one which nearly finished me off before the final hymn, something that has never happened to us before. After the procession to the West door, we had to return to be thanked and given gifts - thanked for the music-making that has always meant so much to us.

Home, exhausted, and already late for bed, with much to do tomorrow and more before Sunday is over - but still glowing, from music, friendship and the memories of a special place.

My extra photo is the view from my bedroom window in the North College this morning.

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