Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Top of the class

Another lovely day, a bit of a breeze but still no rain! Working out on the deck again and making some progress, though I'm wary of putting my foot through again!

After lunch I did my litter-picking round - nobody would think we did a Spring Clean recently! On the way back I spotted this man on the roof of his garden building. I don't think he could have got any closer to the edge if he'd tried! I was trying to read the title of his book, but it was rather over-exposed - I think it might have been 'The Room on the Roof' by Ruskin Bond, by I'm not sure. It might have been 'Dancing on the Edge of the Roof', by Sheila Williams, but it was so hard to see. I took my tiny Canon DSC HX300 to save weight and it's not that good, but it's blown up not too badly.

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