I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ....

.... three squirrels, a song sparrow and a mourning dove.

By choice I had a stay at home day today as there were several things I wanted to get done around the house. 

I spent the morning catching up on some online things which freed me up for the afternoon to spend time photographing our varied wildlife.  I just barely missed out on a photo of a beautiful red-bellied woodpecker but I was able to capture lots of other things. This woodpecker rarely comes to the front yard trees and when I saw him I tried for a picture but at soon as he saw me inside the window he flew off. 

To get my Wild Wednesday blips I started in the backyard (lower right squirrel) and then spent time taking pictures from the garden window blind.  The center squirrel and the lower left picture (song sparrow) were taken from there.  This squirrel was the only one that came around to enjoy the nuts and seeds that I had scattered on the ground before taking up my vigil in the window.  I was very happy to see the song sparrow come by but I was also hoping for a chipping sparrow. 

The upper left picture is of a squirrel hanging on the corn cob feeder! (Sorry for the indecent pose!) It was so comical to watch her as she couldn't seem to get the "hang" of it! The framework that used to be around it was broken this weekend so it's a little more difficult to get to the corn now. 

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