Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

From under the Chestnut Tree

An eventful day, that initially seemed to be quite relaxing followed by lunch with a friend.  I was just waiting for L to return home before we would head off to badminton when she called to say she was locked in a car park and efforts to find the caretaker who had the key were proving unsuccessful!

I offered to head over, just in case they couldn't find someone with a key, when she called with a classic good news, bad news.  The good news was the caretake had been found and the car park had been opened, the bad news was her car wouldn't start!  By that time I was almost there and sure enough the car was dead as a Dodo!  

We called out breakdown, who thankfully didn't take too long to get there, despite it being the rush hour, and they quickly diagnosed a flat battery.  Why it should have gone flat while L listened to the radio waiting for the car park to be opened is anyone's guess.  Anyway, it started straight away once connected to a black box with leads and it was suggested we keep the revs up on the way home.  Easier said than done in a hybrid car!

Anyway, this was taken earlier on the way to lunch.  This is a lovely chestnut tree that sits at the end of a long straight road.  I've often thought it would be great to get a long shot if it, particularly in autumn colour, but when I have tried the image is spoiled by road signs 

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