By flavia13


Due to the weather being so good the crowds would be out in full force today so we decided to stay home.  I caught up on some summer ironing.  Hubby and G tucked into Hot Cross Buns (I'm afraid I'm not very fond of them myself).  

I've put together a small selection of Easter goodies just for you.  The Easter Egg is just a small one, I've bought one each for Hubby, G and Mum.  They were all hand-made at Choco-Lori here in Grange and so is very delicious.  We don't usually have Easter Eggs, but then G is visiting as per usual for his birthday, which falls this year on Easter Sunday so thought we would have a little extra treat.

I'm not on the hunt for a good Computer Shop to get a laptop that can be set up for me to my requirements. If any local people know of a good one please do let me know.  I think there are a couple in Kendal but will look into that.

Hope you are all enjoying the warm weather and having a great Easter.  See you all again tomorrow.

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