By Veronica

Espèces naturelles sensibles

I picked up a leaflet about a street theatre event in the park in Bram the other day: circus artists, musicians, actors. It sounded intriguing, and it was free, so despite the 45-minute drive, Ingrid and I decided to try it out (S cried off due to a recurrence of the toothache he's had for the last three weeks).

Unfortunately it was too windy to do it in the tree-filled park, so after a brief acrobatic sequence outdoors, we all crammed into the Médiathèque. It turned out that the company had been working with a class of children from the local primary school. My heart sank a little at that, but the kids were actually brilliant. They'd prepared really well and were clearly enjoying the experience (see extra), full of confidence. I also really enjoyed the subtle, varied music played by the musicians. 

There was music, narrative, acrobatics, bird noises, and dialogue all mixed together and mostly related to the environment. This video isn't the show we saw, but it gives you an idea of how they work. So it was well worth the trip.

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