By Veronica

Flight behaviour

Improved weather today! The weather's become so unpredictable now that I'm not surprised that the forecast of rain was wrong.  There's lots of bird action above us; we didn't see the kestrels today, but there are always gulls, plus, in the late afternoon, this gang of pigeons whizzing around in circles with that characteristic whoosh of wings.

Now that we have flour and yeast, I made pizza for lunch. The oven we have isn't really up to the job, but it wasn't bad. There's some dough and topping left, so we'll try again this evening for our habitual tapas, preheating a tile in the oven in hope of a crisper crust. It was preceded by S's signature ensalada tropical, featuring mango, avocado, and, of course, loquats.

We had a lovely Zoom chat with A and B yesterday evening over red wine (French for them, Spanish for us). It was great to see them and catch up with their news. Zoom aperos might be an inadequate substitute for the social whirl we'd become accustomed to here, but they are better than nothing.

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