By Veronica


Really struggling to get blips now! Feeling blue because I missed the greatest blip opportunity of my quarantine so far ... one of the kestrels came and perched on a pole attached to the neighbours' wall less than 10 metres away. Of course I didn't have my camera handy. Slowly I stretched my hand out to my phone on the table next to my chair. Meanwhile Mystère, alerted by its having flown low over our heads, thought, "Oh! A pigeon! I can catch those," and started creeping towards it. Of course it flew away before either of us achieved our goal (Mystère would have got a nasty shock I think).

Oh well. I decided to experiment with these blue flowers, going for a soft focus look, but wasn't terribly happy with the result. It's the only photo I have though.

Lunch: we ate the last of the chicken yesterday in a cheesy gratin, and I'd made stock with the carcass, so I made some spiced squash soup. S marinated and fried some mackerel fillets which we had with new potatoes, and then we had yet more loquats for dessert.

Last night's film was The Death of Stalin. Very weird. For black humour, it's very black. I found it hard to laugh at it because I studied the Soviet Union at university, and there was nothing funny about Beria -- he was a monster. Tonight's entertainment will be a Zoom chat with our Scottish friends A and B.

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