A day in the life

By Shelling

Winding road

Travelnote 3
Easter lunch today at my cousins house with mostly family gathered. I feel stuffed. The Danish idea of a good meal means sitting down for a very long time eating and drinking plenty of good food and strong drinks where everyone is talking at the same time using quite a loud volume. Thereafter a short walk in the garden for a breath of fresh air and after that, coffee and cakes for a long time, where everyone is talking... 

Six hours later my host and me were ready to go home to where I'm staying while here. Not entirely my favorite thing, these kinds of gatherings. I'm more for low volume conversations about real things with two or three people at the time but big gatherings can be ok, just not too often. 

My family are farming people and there are lots of nice roads like this one in this part of the country. Driving on it made me think of "The long and winding road" since meeting relations usually means talking about old times and what happened thereafter. It's an opportunity to reflect for a while, which seems to be a large part of the trip this time.

Luckily I also had some time in the morning planting flowers and doing other practical things to help my elderly and disabled host, giving a good balance to the day.

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