I didn’t sleep well last night
     because I was worrying 
          about so many things
               but that’s me - a born worrier!

After what happened on Friday
     my head is all over the place 
          and I just can’t stop worrying
so when I kept waking up
     I just thought it would be 
          as well to get up

I had lots to do anyway 
     to prepare the spices and perfume
          we needed to take to the tomb later
to embalm the body
     of our dear friend, Jesus
          who was crucified on Friday

I felt so sad and broken-hearted
     and just kept crying
so it was good to have 
     something to do
          to take my mind off worrying

Although it was still very early,
     several of us decided 
          that we might as well
go to the tomb even before
     the sun came up
          but as we walked 
I was telling them of my worries
     about how we were going
          to move the huge stone 
that was rolled
     in front of the entrance - 
          all I seem to do is worry!

The sun was just coming up
     as we reached the tomb
so you can imagine our surprise 
     to find that the stone 
          had been rolled away

We went into the tomb and saw
     two men dressed in dazzling white
          and I have to admit I screamed
because I was so frightened

Then we looked more closely 
     and saw that the body of Jesus 
          was no longer there
so of course I then worried
     about where it was
          and who might have taken it

I am such a worrier - but as we stood there
     I heard one of the young men say
“Why are you looking for the living
     among the dead?
          He is not here
               He has risen!”

I remembered then that
     Jesus had told us all this
          when we were with him 
so WHY was I worrying?
     he had never lied to us 
          so what he had said 
               had come true

Now we knew that Jesus was alive 
     we needed to go back 
          and tell his disciples too 

So we hoisted up our skirts 
     and ran then
          when we saw the disciples
we could hardly catch our breath 
     as we blurted out that 
          Jesus had risen and
               was no longer
in the tomb

They didn’t believe us so Peter and John
     ran to the tomb and saw for themselves
          that Jesus was no longer there

So now we all knew for certain
     what was true…..and I could
          stop worrying!



© Maureen Iles : 21/4/19

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