Opposite ends of the scale (MM274)

We completed our tidy up of the garage today - in that everything which is staying is now where it should be.  The pile for the tip/recycling centre is another story ...

Like many people who like footering I have far too many tools and for this week's mono Monday on the theme of opposites these two seem appropriate. The Stillson is probably the largest hand tool I have which I can lift in one hand, and the screwdriver for glasses probably the smallest.    Opposite in other ways too,  the Stillson is definitely built to last, the screwdriver down to a price.  In use, both would involve a large dose of frustration,  the Stillson because something needs a lot of force to undo it,  the screwdriver because putting those teeny screws into glasses is an exercise in retaining one's temper :-)

In the extra - a full view which gives a better idea of how different in scale they are.

I inherited the Stillson from my father,  it will probably be passed on to my son or grandson/daughter at some point.  The screwdriver will probably be lost or binned when one of the ends loses it's shape.

In among the other tools we came across a set of imperial spanners which I was given by one of my father's staff when I was restoring old motorcycles*.  He had bought them as an apprentice and wanted them to go to a good home and be used.  I'm now looking for someone to pass them on to.

* anyone who had a Triumph 500 will be familar with the the 1/4" Whitworth spanner!

Also found a clutch alignment tool for a Vauxhall Viva/Firenza :-)

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