Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Little Rascal

The Gray Squirrels are eating me out of house and home at the moment.  There are a solid half dozen that swarm the feeders throughout the day, making it hard for the birds to get to the food.  So, while I was out in the hide today, I thought I'd outsmart them by moving a suet feeder off a perch and into the cherry tree.  Well, that lasted all of 30 minutes.  Next thing I knew, there was a fuzzy gray face peering at me from inside the tree.  Almost as if to say - is this for me?

I've ordered some supposedly squirrel "proof" feeders which should be here in several days.  We'll see.  I'm skeptical.

The male bluebird was here most of the morning, singing and going in and out of the nest box.  Still no signs of the female but based on all the singing, I'd speculate that she is somewhere nearby.  

Back to the gym today - cardio and weights.  Day 1 of my weekly goal of 5...

We've got a follow up vet appointment for Phoebe tonight.  She is much better but still falls over if she shakes too vigorously, so we want to see if we should continue the antibiotics for a while longer.  Stay tuned...


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