Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Good morning, #23

A long day of travel yesterday, topped off by a fabulous lamb burger at the local pub, then home to chill with Hubs.  Slept late this morning and one of the very first sights to greet me when I came downstairs was this beautiful Eastern Bluebird who was popping in and out of the nest box in the garden.  No signs of Missus, but he was singing and fluttering his wings so she may have been nearby.  I first saw him several weeks ago and am keeping fingers crossed that he will nest here in our garden again this year.  

Spent some enjoyable time in the hide where I heard the distinctive rattles and exuberant song of the first House Wren of the summer.  I did catch a fleeting glimpse of the little songster as he went about his important wren business.  So wonderful to see the summer migrants arriving after what has felt to be a long winter.  

The woods are getting green; the cherry trees are almost done blooming; the shadbush is in full bloom; and the hackberry is producing its first blooms since I planted it several years ago.  Oh, how I love spring!

Nice chat with my parents this morning - they are finally starting to get over their beastly colds/flu, thank goodness. Looking forward to seeing them soon.  

Happy Easter to those who celebrate; and Happy Sunday to those who don't.  


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