River Scene

Another beautiful day, and such a contrast to last Monday when we had no heating in the office and were all freezing.  I went out for an early run, and somehow managed to clock up eight miles.  My legs were done in by the time I got back home.  My plans for the rest of the day went out the window when I couldn’t get BB to move.  I then just had to go with the flow and got some washing done and sat in the garden for a  while reading my book – which I am desperate to finish.  It’s not really my kind of book – although it’s an easy read, so good to sit in the sun with. Eventually I dragged BB out for lunch, as I had nothing much to offer him for lunch.  We went to a local café and I had the most delicious and healthy salad that must have ticked all the boxes for my five a day!

It was then home via the supermarket, where we shopped for tea.  BB had homework to do – and more than I was aware of.  I helped him with his English and science, but left him to do his cello. Late afternoon I went for a river walk while he finished his homework.  Later I met TT from his bus home and we popped in to see an elderly lady from his church.  Although she doesn’t get out much, she knows everything that is going on!

We eventually got home for a late tea and the thought of going back to work and school tomorrow.

There was a lone swan swimming at the Cascade when I passed.  I also spotted some hawthorn flowers (extra) and our beech hedge has sprung into life (extra) this weekend.  Amazing what a bit of good weather can do.  I’m not sure where we stand with the old adage, 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out'.  It seems early for the May (hawthorn) to be out.

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