High Tide

It was another hot day.  I was feeling rather weary after sitting in the sun yesterday.  The boys went off to church and I contemplated a run.  I plodded round five miles and was worn out by the time I got home.  BB came home from church with a big bag of eggs after taking part in the kids Easter egg hunt.  He was delighted!  I managed to rustle up some lunch from some leftovers in the fridge and then BB declared he wanted to go to Belhaven Beach with his rugby ball.  We headed there only to find that the tide was coming in and we would have got rather wet crossing the bridge to the beach.  We took the John Muir way instead and had a walk in John Muir Country Park.  For all the cars and people around we hardly met a soul.  This suited BB as he could throw and kick his rugby ball to his hearts’ content.  I only got hit once today – on my arm.

We came home via the supermarket, where we bought the ingredients for BB’s tea – fajitas.  He was in charge, though needed some guidance from me and then from TT.  They were delicious and went down well.  The rest of the evening passed all too quickly, but we were all weary and there were early nights all round.

This is a view of the Bass Rock from the John Muir Way – at high tide.

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