By Teasel


My first day in the office for a  few weeks, but what a treat to get out of the house.  However, I was worried about sleeping in.  No worries though, and I left the house by 07:20.  I did feel there was more traffic on the road than the last time I drove into Edinburgh which was here.  My day was better than the last few times I have done this, though I must say I was still woefully underemployed.  However, I think today I just accepted that this is how it is.  I worked closely with two new colleagues and they were lovely and so supportive.  There should have been three in my team (apart from me) today, but the third person didn’t appear.  I spent ages trying to contact her, only to find out she thought she was on the later shift! 

I was kept busy and the day passed quickly.  I came home and logged on to catch up with my day job, but logged off in good time so that TT and I could go for a walk in the evening sunshine.  It was really lovely, though there was still a chilly breeze.

I was parked near the old Royal High School and as I walked past I noticed that it is starting to be taken over by this rampant ivy.

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