By Teasel

Oil Seed Rape Field

It was the last day of BB’s Easter holidays, but unfortunately it was back to work for TT and me.  As ever on the first day back I spent the day catching up with emails, and trying to get to grips with what was going oi last week.    There were definitely less emails that I expected, probably because of the Easter long weekend and the fact that others took time off last week too.  I wasn’t very motivated to get back to work at the kitchen table after such a relaxing week off, but I got through the day.

Once I had logged off I headed out to do a proper supermarket shop.  We’ve just been picking up things as we need them and as we can get them, but we really needed to stock up on a few things.  After tea, I eventually managed out for my daily exercise. And got back home in the dark.  I continued watching The Nest.

The oil seed rape wasn’t glowing quite as yellow at dusk.

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