The second half of life..

By twigs

Fishing the Ngawi way

It was a rainy night and I awoke to the sound of a few more drops on the roof too.  Good excuse for (another) cruisy morning comprising coffee, catch-ups, more coffee, a little photo hunting and a few other bits and pieces.....certainly nothing very onerous at all!

By mid-afternoon the sun was out (even had 2 completely separate rainbows) so I tootled just a handful of kms along the road to Ngawi, a very quirky but cool wee settlement - last stop before Cape Palliser (which is the southernmost point of the North Island and, oddly, considerably further south than either Nelson or Blenheim at the top of the South Island!)  

It seems that if you want to go fishing here in Ngawi you need three things:  a rod, a boat and a tractor.  In the event you don't have a tractor, a bulldozer will do.  Anything really, so long as it's tough, grunty, doesn't mind salt air or salt water and can haul your boat out of the water and up the black sand of the bay to the high tide mark.  It seems that most of the houses in Ngawi must have a boat (and by definition, a tractor) judging by the number of rusty workhorses sitting at the top of the beach (extras).  Yup - it's a settlement that sings its own song from its own songsheet and, as a camp neighbour said to me this evening, there aren't many places left like this.  He's not wrong - long may Ngawi continue to sing it's own salty ballad.

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