... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Milk: Hipster Replacement

Less square in large.
Extra: Aquilegia knot (to continue the recent green & purple theme...)

"I moved to Balham before it was cool ..."
I took macro pics in the garden in the morning, and went for coffee with Dad at Milk in the afternoon... Garden macros took my blip spot last time (18th) so it's Dad today. Also couldn't choose between my Aquilegia and aphid shots...
I had a natural Brazilian flat white, and the barista (who knows that I like natural processed coffees) said that the filter was particularly interesting (natural Ugandan roasted by Gardelli) so I got that to take away, and it was very unusual with a bright, heady fruitiness (like ripe figs) followed by a lingering dark-chocolate-y coffee finish.

Others here (or right from Yellow tulip)

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