By hazelh

Bass rock and dog

We took advantage of the great weather today to cycle from Edinburgh to North Berwick, with a wee stop off along the way for a quick a look around the junk shop in Prestonpans.

Ar our destination Liz and Katie served us tea and biscuits. (Alas Tony was at work.) We consumed their offering outside with our picnic lunch. Then Mr hazelh and I took a short walk on the beach and popped into town to check the charity shops before cycling up to the station for the train ride home.

Many other people had the same idea as us for a fun day out on a warm Easter bank holiday, and at one point it looked like not everyone with a bike would be allowed to board the train. Happily we all squeezed in and were soon transported safely back to Waverley.

This evening I visited a nearby flat to collect an item that was advertised on our local Facebook 'share' page. I now own a piece of white Le Creuset cookware. The current state of my Le Creuset rainbow is thus red, orange, yellow, blue, light brown, dark brown, black, and white. I do wish that my middle sister would give - or swap with - me one of the dark green pans that she never uses!

I took my blip of Bass Rock from the window of Liz and Tony's flat.

Exercise today: 26 mile bike ride.

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