Life Savors

By osuzanna

Leopard Lacewing

The butterfly house at the botanical gardens has opened for the season and I went over, bought my season pass and spent a short time there along with dozens of little children.  I would have to visit 10 times to get my money's worth out of the season pass, but I doubt I will visit that often.  Nevertheless, the season pass allows me to skip the line and I feel that it supports the gardens as well.  

Our screened porch is open for the season.  I spent much of Sunday, washing the floor and hosing down the furniture.  It is amazing how much dirt and grime accumulates over the winter. Now it is clean and very inviting and I spent a delightful afternoon out there.  Tonight we will have dinner out there too.  

Many thanks to dbf24 for hosting Tiny Tuesday for the month of April.  Beginning next Tuesday, April 30, ninniex will be hosting through the end of May.  

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