By deanna_pearce

Bunnies and Eggs

Went to Tesco this  morning early  and loaded up the car ready to go and realised I hadn't got the suntan cream doh.  Back I went and dutifully got it and home just after 9.  Shopping put away and then I finished off the two skirts - only had to do the elastic and stitch up the opening.  Lunch time we watched the Curse of the Kennedys - it was very good and I remember a lot of it happening.  
Went to make coffee and heard excited squeals.  What I thought is going on now.
A quick peep around the corner and 
The bunnies have found the Supermarket and joy of joys there were still some eggs left.
Oh said one there are plenty here - but some look pretty big.  
Lets take them all said another
On no that would be greedy said another 
Shall we just have one each one bunny asked tentatively
No we need more than that said another 
How much are they another one wondered 
It doesn't say so perhaps they are free.
How will we carry them said another
Oh we wont  have to said the lead bunny we will eat them before we go!!!

Hurry up  bunnies or somebody will beat you to it.

Well we had the promised rain and not the sun is shining  again

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