By MstrWWR

Lovely Day out with the Family.

Wonderful day outing with the family: starting of with vegan bacon BLT for breakfast in Dundee. To exploring the beautiful gardens of St. Andrews Botanic Garden. As well as trying an exquisite rose petal tea!

Truly has been a wonderful day, and this elegant butterfly was just so pretty. The iridescents was just gleaming with beauty, as it flew straight past me. If you look at the bottom wing you should be able to just see. :)

Admittedly I was terrified at first as they are so delicate: I didn't want to spook it or potentially hurt it. But thankfully approached it slowly and got to see it more closely. Again just so pretty, especially when in person.

Hopefully when I finish uni, I could grow a massive garden full of butterflies and bees :)

- But until then, I'll continue to throw the butter out of my uni window. Just to see the Butterfly.

Have a good day everybody! :)

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