youngies journey

By youngie66

The Day Of Reckoning 21/12/12

Ahh BOLLOCKS just as I was getting into blip we are all DOOMED well its been a blast as the Mayan Calender ends so does the Earth or so they say but during my sleep I thought I heard the voice of the Almighty say Youngies Journey to be continued phew well here's hoping so on a side not a lot of people from Scotland will know this famous or infamous pub on the corner of St Mary's street and The Rotal Mile for the murders of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie back in 1977 well here's hoping now that it looks like double jeopardy is being doing away with so they can retry the guy in jail in Dundee who is serving time for murder and hopefully get justice for the familys as my mother knew one of the girls mothers .anyhow hope you all enjoy your last day lol To Be Continued !

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