The road less travelled

Bob the bike and I have had another splendid day. Here we are leaving Tekapo. There was no wind here but it came up laye morning as we biked a round the bottom edge of Lake Ohau.

I've seen some great landscaping rocks and boulders, sadly none of a size that I can balance on Bob or sneak onto the support van.

Even with many kilometres ground out into a head nor'west wind, I'm a happy chappie. My neck and upper back didn't appreciate the headwind as I struggled to streamline and reduce the drag.

It was hard to check a photo today so check out my extras:

- numerous autumn colours with the odd cyclist visible if you look closely.

- Bob looking resplendent against a rosehip bush with Lake Ohau in the background.

- Crossing the Ohau weir.

- Lake Ohau before it got windy.

- Rosehip bushes enmasse and an old hut beside Lake Ohau.

- Looking into a blustery Dobson Valley. An unusual back view of Aoraki Mt Cook is behind the puff of cloud.

- The head of Lake Ohau and looking down onto Lake Ohau Station.

- Looking back to the lake.

- Lunch at Lake Ohau lodge. I biked 40kms for it so you should see it.

Today's gratitude: For a special day in the high country.

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