Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


No, not a typo - rather a reference to their song which is really more of a trill.  And, yes, it's also thrilling that a pair of them have set about making a home in our yard this spring.  If all goes well, we'll have some adorable little fledgling Chipping Sparrows in 5 or 6 weeks.  

Light rains today, which made for lovely photos (with me tucked snugly in my hide).  I did very little to this image other than a crop and some minor adjustments.  Shooting in the rain makes for lovely saturated colors and reduces the usual challenges with feather "glare".  And, this sparrow perched obligingly low to the ground so that our nice green lawn was the only thing in the background.  My second choice for today was this Brown Thrasher in the rain

The yard has been overrun with blue jays all day - over 12 which is very unusual this time of year.  I just missed a male feeding his mate - literally one micro-second too late with the shutter.  I also missed one Red-bellied Woodpecker male knocking another off the suet feeder - a kerfluffle of wings and a lot of smack talk.  By now you have probably gotten the idea that I had a most enjoyable time in the hide this afternoon.  

This morning I did Day 4 at the gym.  Planning to go again tomorrow to complete my 5 days this week.  Yes, that is a small halo over my head.  

Hubs is having a horrid travel day.  His connecting flight is delayed by several hours meaning that he won't even land in Newark until around 11 and won't be home until well after midnight.  Bad weather on both ends of the trip, compounded by the usual Friday afternoon air traffic problems.  

Chilly temps forecast for tomorrow, along with winds - a reminder that it's far from summer yet.  


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