By MsQuizzical

Sea Swallow

We went to Fishers Green again to check on the great crested grebe family. No sign of them near the nest. I enjoyed shooting the common terns fishing in Seventy acres Lake so much yesterday that I had another go today. One was making a great fuss about the fish it had caught. (Extras) 

We spotted the grebe parents and hung about for a while. Eventually we were rewarded by the sight of three grebelets riding on the back of one of the adults. How lovely it must be gliding along in that feathery tent. I've always wanted to see and photograph this. (Extras)

I went to John Lewis to collect my varifocals which have been altered. I'm going to give them a try but don't think they'll be suitable as I still can't read small print as well as with my old specs. :(

One thing that I'm very happy about is that since last November dogs are allowed in John Lewis. I'll be able to take Ollie with me when I go and have a walk with her at Panshanger on the way back. :)

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