Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Going West Day 2

We really did not get far today as we spent time seeing some attractions in Kentucky (we may never leave this state!!..just kidding!)      This morning at 8am we stopped at Mammoth Cave National Park.    We did book ahead so we had to take what tour of the 400 mile cave area that was available...just two big rooms but our ranger/guide was really good with his talk about the cave.   I did take some photos but was not really happy with them.  I liked the little wildflowers growing along the walkway more! 

Then we drove a couple of hours to Land between the Lakes which is exactly that...a strip of land set aside for recreation between two manmade lakes.   We actually ending up driving back into Tennessee for a few miles to visit the Homeplace National Historic Site which is an 1850s farm.  It was really nice that there were actually people there who do the work that was happening on a farm.   I enjoyed talking to these two ladies who were quilting on the porch of the farm house.  There was also a man who was splitting wood with a "fro" and a wooden handmade mallet.   There was a young man who was in charge of two oxen that live on the farm and some sheep.

After this visit we made our way to Paducah, KY to spend the night!   We only travel 241 miles today!!   But we walked 3.6 miles!   

I have made an executive decision to change our route westward so we will be traveling a little south and west toward Arkansas tomorrow instead of north and west.   After looking at the weather report for the route we were going to take and seeing that there is rain and possibly SNOW in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, it was just better for us to reverse our westward journey.    We will do the northern route on the way home so maybe there won't be any bad weather.    I can be very spontaneous in changing plans and my travel companion doesn't even question my decisions!!     

In the extra I have to posted a tulip poplar flower that I saw today.  Usually at home these flowers get blown off the tree before I can find them blooming but today they were blooming in the tree near the old homeplace house.    I love these flowers!!  

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