By flavia13


I love these little blue flowers, they grow in abundance but add such a lovely splash of colour and always seem to be calming somehow.

Minor emergency today.  G has a tooth which started to come apart whilst just eating scrambled eggs this morning!!!   After much deliberation about whether to pop back up to Edinburgh tomorrow to try and get an emergency appointment with his dentist I've since discovered that Kendal's Westmorland General Hospital has an emergency dental service.  After all he can't be the first person on holiday to need a dentist.  Apparently if I'd rung a bit earlier I could have got him there today and they would have seen him, but they have very limited time on a Sunday, fair enough.  The very helpful lady said if I call first thing tomorrow I should be able to get an appointment.  It's going to be getting through that could be the problem but I'll certainly try.  

Luckily he's not in too much pain, which is just as well 'cos being on permanent Warfarin the only painkillers he can take are paracetamol. So today's he's living on soup and omelette.

Wish me luck with getting an appointment tomorrow.  To be fair at worse we will just have to pop up to Edinburgh for the day and get an emergency appointment at this dentists.   At least with Edbinburgh only being about 2 hours away it's not impossible.

Saw activity on Morecambe Bay this morning, the tractor was out with a few people so could be getting ready for a walk soon I guess, it will be the first one I think since Cedric retired.

Hope you all have a lovely day.  See you tomorrow.

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