Hello again all,  I hope you are all well and staying safe as usual.

We had a nice quiet morning, then after lunch I did some household chores.  Hubby did his stock checking to see what we needed shopping wise (he was in Logistics whilst in the Royal Navy and all his working life so he likes to do this) G went round and did his usual door handle and all the surfaces we all touch regularly and cleaned them all.

Now isn't that an exciting life.  We may go out for a walk around the neighbourhood later this evening or may do that tomorrow morning.  

I took the photo of a small part of our small back garden for today's blip (you can see how it slopes).  it shows 3 fruit trees, one damson and two apple, some autumn raspberries and hubby is growing sweet peas up the canes.  On the other side of the garden his growing mangetout, runner beans, onions and something else I can't remember what.  Outside our back garden door he is growing tomatoes, cucumbers and other items in his little lean too, plus some some strawberries.  

As we are supposed to show photographs we have taken on the actual day I could include the extras as my main photo as they were take yesterday evening but thought I show you lovely The Bay looked last night, it was very pink early evening.  I thought I would also show  you the view from the otherside of the big tree that blocks our view.  This view goes right over to Morecambe.

Now these views are rather lovely but they're not as close as they loos as they are very zoomed in so you can't see the neighbours gardens we overlook or the trees that are in the way.  We are still lucky to be able to see The Bay though and its many changes.

So current life goes on, still not going anywhere and I won't be for a long time to come, apart from the occasional walk in the area.  A few people were saying that Grange is getting fairly busy again as parking can sometimes be difficult when people want to go shopping.  It could be that they are all simply trying to do their shopping, I do so hope they're not all getting complacent and relaxing their lockdown rules as that would be too dangerous.  

Do stay safe everyone, keep to the lockdown for your respective areas wherever you may be for now.  The risk of becoming too complacent is too great as yet.  

See you all tomorrow.  Sending lots of love to you all and wishing you all to be well.

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