Day 47 of my Lockdown - funny in one way it seems forever in another I can't believe it's been that long!!!!

What a change in the weather. It's been rather cold today and rainy, still that makes Hubby happy 'cos his allotment will be getting watered now.

Phoned through our bread order to the Hazelmere and the meat order to Higginsons this morning ready for later in the week.  

Then after lunch I decided to go for a short walk.  I just went half way down the very steep part of Carter Road towards Grange (this road from the bottom up is too steep for me but if I go up down part of it enough perhaps I'll be able to get up there without having to stop several times!!!.   I then turned round and went back up again, up through Oversands View (the new estate).  I haven't been through here for a couple of years, it's all well established now and looking quite good.  Whilst there I saw an ambulance - my first thought was "thank you paramedics" my second was "OMG hope it's not Covid-19", so moved swiftly on.  I didn't see any patients or staff though, just the ambulance with the back doors open.  

I saw very few people, a couple way off in the distance and one other walker, on the other side of the road, and two of our wonderful postmen having a meet up about deliveries I think), so I crossed the road not to be in their way.

Then along Allithwaite Road again and back down Carter Road and home 

It was raining when I left, but only a few drops, then it stated to get heavier which is why I cut the walk short and headed home.  I got in before it was too heavy, so didn't get too wet.  

Typical, there's blue skies now as I'm typing this!!!

That's it, that's been my exciting day!!!

Do take care though and and continue to stay safe.  Love to all of you.

This is my entry for Wide Wednesday.  I've just noticed that the theme is "trees" - well there is a tree in the shot, so hopefully that will count.

The view is from half way down the very steep part of Carter Road heading towards Grange.  You can see Holme Island, Arnside is to the right and the mountains of the Yorkshire Dales.  Thanks to RockArea for hosting.

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