Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Still a Lady

Had a very enjoyable 3 mile hike with my naturalist group this morning.  We tallied 20 bird species including a nice assortment of early warblers.  Unfortunately, none were even remotely photographable.  Nice to be hearing some familiar songs, though.

The butterfly situation was surprisingly good, especially considering we had a frost last night.  We saw several Painted Ladies, including this one who is showing her age.  Our winters are too cold for this species to survive, but early in the spring, they start moving north where they'll start the next generation of Ladies.  And did you know that Painted Ladies are found on every continent except Antarctica?  

See Extra for a tiny Spring Azure, another of the tiny flyers we saw.

Back at home I did some work outside, took a few miscellaneous shots and then eventually came inside to work on my photos for my Costa Rica Program in a few weeks.  Lots of fun looking at those photos, bringing back so many happy memories and a strong urge to return.

Off to make dinner now, with a nice glass of Cotes du Rhone.  

Thanks for the love on yesterday's first-of-year hummingbird.  I suspect by September you'll be tired of seeing them in my journal...


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