Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yardbird #27 - Ruby throated hummingbird

I saw my first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the season on 23 April, a full week earlier than I've ever seen one here.  I've seen him whiz through a few times since then, but always too fast to catch.  Today, however, I was out with my camera in a light drizzle, hoping to catch one of the white-throated sparrows before they are all gone for the season when I heard that distinctive humming sound.  I was instantly on high alert because there is only one thing that makes that sound...a hummingbird's wings beating 55 times per second!

After a little patience, he returned and I was able to get a selection of shots as he pulled away from the feeder.  If you don't already know this, hummingbirds can fly backwards (as well as sideways, straight up, straight down) and they usually back up periodically when feeding which is the ideal time to get a shot like this.  

My heart is so happy right now.  I love having the hummingbirds back and can't wait until the females arrive which should be in the next few days.  Also entering this in the new Minimalism Blipfoto Community challenge as I think it meets the criteria.

Nice chat with my parents this morning who are slowly feeling better.  This afternoon we'll have MIL over for Sunday dinner.  And tomorrow I am meeting up with my naturalist group for the first spring walk of the year.  Warblers have started to arrive here so hoping we will see some interesting things.

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