Border Tails

By Swannie

Better, it not great!

I was up this morning at five past five (thanks as ever to JJ and her demands for breakfast) and decided as it was looking to be a bright morning, I would head back to Leaderfoot. I took the picture just before eight o’clock, but I think that was too early this time as the sun was casting a shadow of the modern bridge onto the old one behind it.

I then had a wee detour round Scott’s View where the broom (?) is looking particularly bright - see extra. I was the only person there which was an improvement on last week.
I had an appointment at half past nine with the physio, but received an email to say that a parcel was being delivered between 0918 and 1018, the only hour of the day I had t0 be out! Luckily, it turned up early just as I was getting ready to leave.

After my physio, I had a wee wander round Gunknowe Loch to look for the ducklings that have hatched. I saw two of them with their mum - see second extra.

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