Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

9 Years!

I didn’t really have any grand plan for this journal entry but did manage to snap the 9 mile mark on the Hurricane Ridge Hwy in Olympic National Park yesterday, just in case. (only a small cheat)  Our Fiona day is switched from Fridays to Tuesdays for a few weeks until we head North and this journal has always been about recording the day and I do so love that, so it will be a photo of a 9 year old.  Another beautiful day in the PNW so we headed for the Arboretum for a bit of a walk..the azaleas are almost all out not quite.  …with sketchbook…well, we spent 2 hours (!) walking and sitting on benches with least 6 benches.  I drew plants.  She drew an imaginary family who went to live on Mars, fueled by Boppa’s great imagination (He always told the best ghost stories in the tent in the dark) with constant conversation between the 2 of them...and then while we were siting on one bench a woman with NINE DOGS strolled by!!! I couldn’t believe that and it would have made a great blip by itself, but the lovely day was about Fiona. (who preceded to do the math and tell me how many months and days old she was when I started's a record of her life))  So I had to combine them (not that well but you get the idea… there really are 9..there is a small white one on the left outside the larger white one..extra))

Blip is a wonderful community and I do appreciate and thank all of you, and our volunteer leaders..  I’m afraid I am spending less time in general with comments as there are so many other projects I want to do as well as that blasted death cleaning, and not sure how many years are left and the days do fill up!   There is no way I could give up the daily blip tho and I’ll try to keep up with such fabulous friends here, maybe just a little less…

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