Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Seen on our walk today..a whole pile of trash, including clothes and masks,  in front of a nice house…no sign of the trash can.  (extra)   In ”ordinary” times, I would have picked up a few of these cards,  (art, not trash!) but now I don’t touch anything.   (Is this how it’s going to be?) should I go back tomorrow with lysol spray?)    But I looked up Bryan Nash Gill and learned about this Connecticut based artist (unfortunately no longer alive) and his love of trees... Very appropriate to recent reading and knitting. This is his Memory Game of 26 different prints.  Makes me want to make some prints.  Lots of material at the island for whenever we can get there.

Thanks so much to everyone in this wonderful place for stopping by, comments, stars and hearts, for my 10 year blip yesterday!  Humbling.   I hope you are all doing OK navigating these strange times.

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